This is a photography project about the life of ex-dancers after their dance career. In the pictures their instrument is central. Dance career, unlike those of other artists, is short lasting. The main instrument of the dancer, the body, may at some point no longer meet the high physical and technical demands. But after dance career, his or her body does not end up in a conservation or art collection. After the dancing career dancers uses their body in a very different way and reflect their former career through his posture and graceful movement. In this project, ex-dancers are immortalized in their new profession. As a photographer I used my dance background to stage dancers and let them move just slightly different than an ordinary person. I was interested how their former career influences their current lives. Also how they have excerpted from their short lasting dance career. Second Stage reveals how former dancers have experienced the transition on their journey of becoming somebody else.


2019 | Second stage, solo exhibition, Fotoacademie, Amsterdam

2017 | Second stage, solo exhibition, Podium Mozaiëk, Amsterdam

2016 | Second stage, solo exhibition, Here we live and now, Den Haag

2016 | Second stage, solo exhibition, Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen, Maastricht