Chatting with Marcin is a series of photos and performance based on imaginary conversation between two artists: dancer Goran Turnsek and desiger Marcin Vladika. Elements from dance and such design as patterns, line, gravity, texture and colour dominate photos as well as performance. Arms become texture, fingers become numbers, gravity imposed on body creates empty space, sequence of movements become stil animation. Photos represent graphic forms other a sequence of photos, conversations, design with body form. 

Work is base on new communication technology such as video call what allow both artist to collaborate on distance. Howere due to cultural diferences or mare technical problems connection between two artists is not always possible. How to capture an idea and how to communicate idea with dance body? How different is design from dance?


2012 | E2RD, solo exhibition. Maribor. Slovenia

2011 | Ephemeral conversations, solo exhibition, Theater Kikker

2010 | 1111 km translation, group exhibition, WEP, Groningen