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Goran Turnšek’s project, where he emulates his late grandfather Jakob, anonymity speaks of the impossibility of taking another’s place, but also of the impersonal nature of choreographed dance.

Tom Seymour and Diane Smyth

British Journal of Photography

I find Marija images very thought-provoking and beautiful. There are so many complexities in what appears to be a simple frame. Your use of color and gesture are wonderful. There’s a lot happening in this work and it definitely has a contemporary look and feel to it.

anonymous writer


Next door in the book market, a deceased relative is resurrected through performance in Goran Turnšek’s book one of the photobook dummys shortlisted for this year’s Dummy Award. In this big green volume, we are teleported to eastern Slovenia where instead of documenting his grandfather’s house, the domestic space becomes a stage on which the artist (who is also a dancer) brings him back to life.

Sophie Wright


The photos tell a story, unadorned but honest and raw, of sneaky parties and picnics. Turnšek uses the snapshots as a form of resistance, identifying himself with the protesters in Hong Kong.

Jaap Huisman,

Het Parool